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I get a substantial amount of EMail from people who visit my pages. I'm always happy to respond when I have time, but many people ask similar questions. So, in the great Internet tradition of FAQs, I present the following list of common questions and answers regarding my pages, in no particular order. Please read this list before you EMail me with a question.

  1. Can you point me to some more information about designing Web pages?
    But of course! My WWW Help Page has links to good general reference pages that provide access to large quantities of information on how to create Web pages, as well as links to pages with more specific information that people frequently ask for.

  2. How do you create a guestbook?
    To put a guestbook onto your home page you generally need to use forms, and what you can do depends on the way your server is set up. If you have the "mailto" script installed on your server, you can copy the HTML code from my Guestbook Page and modify the parts that are specific to my page. If not, you should be able to find information in the general reference or guestbooks sections of my WWW Help Page. If all else fails, just make up a bunch of glowing comments from fictional visitors or from major celebrities and type them into your guestbook page.

  3. How do you set the text and background colors on a Web page?
    Lots of people ask this. To specify colors using the <BODY> tag, you need to convert the red, green, and blue color values into a hexadecimal triplet. I have links to several pages that have tools for calculating these values on my WWW Help Page.

  4. Will you marry me?
    That's very nice of you, but I'm already taken. I got married on November 18, 1995 to Johanna Lynne Davis. Feel free to send us gifts or money.

  5. Can I link to your home page?
    Links make the Web go 'round. You are more than welcome to provide a link on your page to my home page or any of my pages. You are also free to use my pages as a model for designing your own pages. Please don't copy any of my pages, or large chunks of my descriptive material, onto your own server, however, as this would be an infringement of my copyright. (My wife is an intellectual property lawyer, and you don't want to mess with her).

  6. Do you design Web pages professionally?
    I do some professional Web page design work in my spare time. (By day I'm a lawyer for the FCC, as you can read in my bio.) If you are interested in having me design a Web site for you, and you are able to pay actual cash money, please send me EMail at

  7. Can I redistribute your Bare Bones Guide to HTML?
    As the copyright notice specifies, you are free to redistribute my Bare Bones Guide to HTML for any noncommercial purpose, such as for educational materials, without my specific permission. If you are interested in using the Guide as part of a commercial offering, such as a book, please request permission from me via EMail at I usually grant permission for commercial redistribution, so long as people clear it with me in advance. In either case, please keep my name and copyright notice on the document, and do not alter the document (except for formatting if necessary). If you want to do something with the Bare Bones Guide and don't know if it is OK with me, please ask.

  8. Does the FCC want to regulate the Internet?
    Yes, we are an evil bureaucracy bent on destroying your freedom of speech! Just kidding. The FCC (the agency where I work) does not "regulate" the Internet, and we have no plans to do so. The notorious Communications Decency Act is a criminal statute that would be enforced by local U.S. Attorney's Offices, not the FCC. And no, the FCC is not planning a "modem tax;" what you heard about was probably a proposal that was abandoned several years ago to require companies like Compuserve to pay certain charges to local phone companies from which they are currently exempted.

  9. Can you help me get my browser to work properly?
    Installing software to access the Internet and the Web is highly platform-specific. I happen to have a Macintosh, and although I (grudgingly) use a Windows PC at work, I haven't had to learn a great deal about the wonderful complexities of connecting to the Internet on a PC. If your question primarily concerns the software on your machine (especially if you are one of the unenlightened and your machine is not a Mac) you are probably better off finding an appropriate Usenet newsgroup rather than asking me.

  10. What are you wearing?
    I'm afraid you have the wrong number. The URL you are looking for is <http://1-900-W-E-B-S-T-U-D.COM>.

  11. What is the best HTML editor?
    This depends on what type of computer you are using and what your preferences are. I -- and most of the experienced Web page designers I know -- do HTML coding primarily in a powerful text editor (BBEdit), with the occasional assistance of some specialized macros. It's not just a macho thing; text editors generally wind up being faster and more flexible than specialized HTML editors if you know what you're doing. There are several shareware HTML editors out there that you may prefer; find a good FTP site and download some of them to see which one you like.


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